What Do You Need to Know about English Grammar Prepositions

prepositions grammar rulesUsing English grammar prepositions rules correctly is one of the weapons you can have for yourself if you want to be a good communicator, someone who can effectively convey his ideas and message without driving confusion to his readers or listeners. However, prepositions aren’t that easy to learn because there are rules to follow, just like there are rules in other parts of speech.

Prepositions Grammar Rules

  1. One generally goes before a pronoun or a noun. In some cases, it can also be used at the end of a sentence. For example, “What are you up to? Who are you meeting with?”
  2. “Like” is a preposition that means similar or similarly to. However, it must be followed right away by the OBJECT OF THE PREPOSITION, such as a noun phrase, a noun or a pronoun. When a verb is involved, avoid using it.
  3. Use “in” to describe direction or location.
  4. Major prepositions grammar rules is to choose the right one because some of them have to be followed by certain words. Using prepositions must make the relationship between the words clear for the readers to understand.
  5. Another rule to remember with these prepositions is their place in your sentence. As said, one must be followed by nouns. And remember, a preposition at the end of the sentence does not apply to all sentences.
  6. There are idioms that go with correct prepositions, and some of them include, able to, concerned by, capable of…

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english grammar prepositions rules

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