10 Facts about English Grammar Prepositions

english grammar prepositionWhen writing, one of the most used parts of speech prepositions English grammar; however, many people do not know which one to use in their sentences and paragraphs because there are many types of them. Discover the facts to know about them, the advantages to use a checker and the tips for using one.

10 Facts About English Grammar Prepositions

  1. They are words that link pronouns, nouns and other words in a sentence.
  2. They are used to describe something or someone’s position.
  3. They describe time when something is happening or happens.
  4. They also illustrate the manner on how something is done.
  5. They do not have the same uses in sentences.
  6. Prepositions in English grammar can be used in ending a sentence. (e.g. What are you up to?)
  7. The most common prepositions are above, about, across, in, on, from, over…
  8. Prepositions can become adjectives or adverbs in a sentence when you take any one of them and you have placed it in front of a noun.
  9. When you start your sentence with a prepositional phrase, you should separate it from the rest of your sentence using a comma. (Prepositional phrase + subject + predicate)
  10. It is always interesting to start a sentence with a prepositional phrase.

Tips for Using Prepositions English Grammar Tool

  1. Visit the website and see the box for checking your sentences or paragraphs.
  2. There is no need to subscribe or install the tool before using it.
  3. Copy and paste your text or type it onto the tool directly.
  4. Press the button for checking and you’re good to go! All you need is to wait for results.

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More Tips for Success

  1. prepositions english grammarDouble check your paper to ensure it is free from errors, not only in prepositions, but also in other mistakes including subject and verb agreement, word choice, structure and flow.
  2. Remember, using the tool does not guarantee 100% accuracy because it cannot detect correctly spelled words, which are used incorrectly in the sentence.
  3. Read your text aloud to find out.
  4. Ask your friends or peers for feedback and suggestions in improving your paper.
  5. Stay away from your paper for a while, take a breather and go back later to recheck with fresh eyes.

english grammar prepositions

Why Use a Preposition Checker

  • It saves you time. With it, you don’t need to check your marketing materials, newsletters, business letters, proposals and essays, among other written documents manually because the checker can spot for mistakes automatically. You can save so much time if you have multiple documents to check for the day, allowing you to do other things for business or school.
  • It also saves money. With the corrector, you do not have to hire an editor or a proofreader to check your paper because the tool can do it free. No matter the number of papers to check, you can save money in the process because the tool can be used unlimitedly. With all the benefits you can get for using the corrector, there is no reason left not to use it. Most importantly, it helps improve your grammar as a whole.

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