10 Examples of Preposition Correction

To practice with preposition correction, a couple of correction tips may be handy. And for that matter, you can keep on reading and discover some of the most common uses of prepositions through samples that you are about to see. Come on in and let’s begin.

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Grammar correction

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preposition correction

Examples of Preposition Correction Online

  1. Above means over or higher than

Sample: She feels as if she’s above the clouds when her man finally asks her hand for marriage.

  1. Across means from one direction or side to another

Sample: She comes across the street when he is about to leave her.

  1. After means following something

Sample: She takes lunch after finishing the paper with a deadline before it.

  1. Against means opposing to something

Sample: She is against divorce.

  1. Against may also mean in contact with

Sample: He is leaning against the wall as punishment from his mother.

  1. Among means surrounded by

Sample: She is among the crowd favorites in the beauty pageant.

  1. Around means approximately or near

Sample: Her mother was near when she was auditioning for the play.

  1. Before means earlier than

Sample: She came in before anybody else did.

  1. Behind means at the back of

Sample: She sat behind her brother.

  1. Beside means next to

Sample: The market is beside the theater.

These are the tips to know when finding samples online on how to use prepositions correctly. Learn more about these prepositions so that you can make sure that your papers are free from errors and that your readers can understand your text each time.

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Image credit: hidupgrammar.weebly.com